is he cheating loyalAre they loyal?

How to tell if they are loyal

Is your significant other cheating or are they worthy of your unwavering trust? Are there unequivocal signs that indicate that they won’t cheat, ever, regardless of the temptation? Once you become involved in a serious relationship, it seems prudent to ponder the question of whether or not they will cheat thereby breaking your heart. Being the victim of an unfaithful lover also leaves a plethora of other scars. A person’s self-confidence is often torn to shreds while sorting through alternating bouts of rage and depression. It is quite common for the one who is cheated on to turn the blame inward and hold the belief that it was their fault rather than the adulterer. If only I had been more sexy, or wore a size 6 instead of 16, or maybe if I were taller. The list can be self-perpetuating. Let us explore whether or not your mate is of the cheating or loyal sort. Afterwhich, we shall look at 5 ways to believing they won’t cheat.

Everyone has questioned at some point: “is she loyal to me?” or “is he loyal?” Something as simple as being distracted by a handsome six pack or the well endowed breasts of a woman passing by could be a inkling of infidelity down the road (if it is not already happening). It is probably easier to spot a cheater than it is to discern the one true love that will be faithful throughout the end of your days. The reason is that circumstances change over time. Relationships change, they either grow and become stronger or they wither and weaken. Health changes, employment changes, and financial ebbs and flows are all examples of external factors that can affect the strength of the relationship between two people. However, people will generally hold true to their innate behavior. In an effort to judge whether or not a person is loyal, you must first look for personal qualities of trustworthiness. Here are 5 ways so that you can minimally make a reasonable character assessment as to whether or not he or she is loyal:

  1. Are they honest and have no difficulty having an open discussion? Communication is key in any relationship. If conversation flows with truth and honesty, this is a fantastic sign that they will be loyal.
  2. Is he/she reliable? A person that has the integrity to keep their word and live up to their promises is assurance that they are trustworthy.
  3. Are they your best friend as well as your lover? Investment in both the friendship and the romantic aspects creates loyalty on multiple levels and deepens love beyond the initial physical attraction.
  4. Do they respect you and your opinions? This is not to say they necessarily agree with them, but they can accept and validate your beliefs.
  5. Does your mate strike that balance of acknowledging the relationship as a couple without fostering co-dependency? A person who is emotionally healthy is able to embrace the unity of two people without suffocating the individual dynamics that brought the two of you together in the first place.

The next time you find yourself in a new romance and you are asking yourself “will they cheat?”, consider these few character attributes. They may help you to decide whether or not they will remain faithful and are worthy of your time and trust.